Nautical Institute HE Alert Microsite

Nautical Institute HE Alert Microsite


Here you can browse through our online database library, containing articles, papers and industry reference material.

  • Marine Safety Regulations Save Lives

    Marine Safety Regulations Save Lives

    Issue No - 10 By Doug Robe

    In these days of acronyms everywhere, I thought I’d give you one more. Hopefully, one that you can remember and repeat whenever appropriate: MSRSL - Marine Safety Regulations Save Lives.

    Publish date: 11/09/2013

  • A chief engineer's perspective

    A chief engineer's perspective

    Issue No - 15 By Richard Thomas, Chief Engineer BP Shipping

    Automation has removed from the ship's engineer the continuous physical interaction necessary to control the ship's plant, such that we now need only to monitor the plant and perform maintenance. The greater control achievable by automation allows...

    Publish date: 11/09/2013

  • Managing fatigue

    Managing fatigue

    Issue No - 6 By Dr. William Moore Vice President, Loss Prevention and Technical Services Shipowners Claims Bureau, USA

    Fatigue has long been a challenge for seafarers and a concern for shipowners as a key contributor to human errors that lead to injury, loss of life and property and marine casualties. As a result, the American P&I Club has taken a proactive approach to articulating the risks of fatigue.

    Publish date: 10/09/2013

  • Welcome to the first edition of Alert!

    Welcome to the first edition of Alert!

    Issue No - 1 By Captain Robbie Middleton, FNI - President of the Nautical Institute

    The start of a campaign to raise the awareness of Human Element issues as they apply to the commercial maritime industry. This campaign is a 3 year project run by The Nautical Institute and sponsored by Lloyd’s Register.

    Publish date: 9/09/2013

  • Building the company culture

    Building the company culture

    Issue No - 5 By Captain Pradeep Chawla, FNI Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd

    Creating a good company culture goes beyond compliance with regulations. It goes well beyond looking for the last dollar in profits. It requires a company vision of keeping the goals of each individual at a higher priority than the sole pursuit of profits.

    Publish date: 9/09/2013