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Nautical Institute HE Alert Microsite


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  • Grappling with leadership skills

    Grappling with leadership skills

    Issue No - 25 By Professor Mike Barnett, Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton Solent University

    Are leaders born or can they be made?
    What are the characteristics of a good leader? What aspects of leadership style does Horatio Nelson share with Nelson Mandela? Are leadership and managerial skills the same? Can you become a good leader by reading a book about it?

    Publish date: 2/09/2013

  • Operational integrity - recognising and developing people

    Operational integrity - recognising and developing people

    Issue No - 33 By Elpiniki Stylogianni, HR Manager, Almi Tankers S.A, Greece

    "we have adopted the value of operational integrity as our guiding principle. This means reliability, responsibility and trust- worthiness. It is an ethos that is expected of all members of the team at all levels."

    Publish date: 2/09/2013

  • Mentoring ... in the Maritime Industy

    Mentoring ... in the Maritime Industy

    Issue No - 31 By Murray Goldberg, Founder and CEO, Marine Learning Systems Inc

    By many estimates, as much as 70% of professional knowledge comes from various forms of informal learning. There are very few forms of informal learning as effective and personal as mentoring.

    Publish date: 2/09/2013

  • Designing to Deal with Fatigue

    Designing to Deal with Fatigue

    Issue No - 13 By Captain E W Lyons, FNI Marine Director F T Everard & Sons Limited

    The nature of the north-west European short sea tanker trade is such that ship operators and sea staff are continually challenged to ensure that fatigue is effectively managed. Clearly that involves careful planning of watchkeeping routines and working practices....

    Publish date: 2/09/2013

  • 'Ships are inherently dangerous places'

    'Ships are inherently dangerous places'

    Issue No - 17 By Mat Spencer Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality Manager Wilhelmsen Lines Car Carriers

    Crews who are familiar with their surroundings throughout the ship continue to suffer injuries from slips, trips and falls. Perhaps this is an extension of the problem regularly highlighted in accident investigation reports - complacency not just in watch keeping terms but in general behaviour ...

    Publish date: 2/09/2013