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  • All About Drascombes

    All About Drascombes

    By John Wheeler

    The word Drascombe is a trademark that was first registered by John Watkinson who applied it to a series of sailing boats which he designed and built in the period 1965-79 and sold in the United Kingdom (UK). They comprised the Coaster, Cruiser Longboat, Dabber, Drifter, Driver, Gig, Launch, etc..

    Publish date: 29/07/2013

  • Plymouth - Gateway to The South

    Plymouth - Gateway to The South

    By JW

    Plymouth is a vibrant waterfront city packed full of attractions. Come rain or shine you’ll find something for everyone among the city streets, surrounding countryside and marine environment beyond.

    Publish date: 26/07/2013

  • Small Boat Sailing

    Small Boat Sailing

    By John Wheeler

    A trailer-sailor is a compromise boat. Whether it succeeds is a matter of finding the compromises that are correct for you.
    More people abandon the concept through traumas with the launch & recovery & the journey home than any aspect of the boat once on the water.

    Publish date: 26/07/2013

  • The Seamaster 815

    The Seamaster 815

    By John Wheeler

    Designed by Hofman and Pye in 1975 and in production from 1976 to 1981 a total of 136 boats were made. They received considerable praise from the yachting press.

    Publish date: 23/07/2013

  • HE00050 - On Your Watch: Automation on the Bridge

    HE00050 - On Your Watch: Automation on the Bridge

    By M. H. Lützhöft and S. W. A. Dekker (Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden)

    In this paper we discuss the grounding of the Royal Majesty, reconstructed from the perspective of the crew.

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    Publish date: 1/07/2013