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May 2008

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  • Editorial (17)

    Editorial (17)


    There is much documentary evidence to suggest that slips, trips and falls account for a high percentage of occupational accidents onboard ship.

  • Using good design practice to reduce slip, trip and fall accidents

    Using good design practice to reduce slip, trip and fall accidents

    Nicolas MERY; Dr. Marc LASSAGNE & Jon McGREGOR

    Slips, trips and falls (STFs) are the leading causes of injuries for personnel working onboard commercial ships, sometimes even resulting in death. In addition to their human cost, STFs can also lead to significant expenses for shipowners, P&I clubs and insurance companies.

  • 'Ships are inherently dangerous places'

    'Ships are inherently dangerous places'

    Mat Spencer Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality Manager Wilhelmsen Lines Car Carriers

    Crews who are familiar with their surroundings throughout the ship continue to suffer injuries from slips, trips and falls. Perhaps this is an extension of the problem regularly highlighted in accident investigation reports - complacency not just in watch keeping terms but in general behaviour ...

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