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Education and training
Education and training

Competent people make the difference

Jan 2005

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  • Making the difference

    Making the difference


    Education is the gradual process of acquiring knowledge through learning and instruction. It is as much about the development of personal attributes through upbringing and observation as it is about gaining knowledge through textbooks.

  • Managing fatigue

    Managing fatigue

    Dr. William Moore Vice President, Loss Prevention and Technical Services Shipowners Claims Bureau, USA

    Fatigue has long been a challenge for seafarers and a concern for shipowners as a key contributor to human errors that lead to injury, loss of life and property and marine casualties. As a result, the American P&I Club has taken a proactive approach to articulating the risks of fatigue.

  • The value of the training ship in the training of seafarers

    The value of the training ship in the training of seafarers

    Captain Gang Hu Former Master MV Yu Feng Shanghai Maritime University

    The 10,124 tonnes deadweight MV YU FENG is an ocean-going cargo vessel for navigation training, teaching and research, run by the Shanghai Mari- time University (SMU). She is mainly sailing in Japan, Korea, Russia and other Southeast countries.

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