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An ergonomic nightmare! Reflects a view of the bridge.. or the engineroom?

Apr 2004

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  • The Ergonomic Nightmare....

    The Ergonomic Nightmare....


    The IMO definition of ergonomics is the study and design of working environments (e.g., workstation, cockpit, ship bridges) and their components, work practices, and work procedures for the benefit of the worker’s productivity, health, comfort, and safety.

  • The Case for a Decent Design

    The Case for a Decent Design

    K S Tham, BSc(Hons), MRIN, CEng

    Given that ships in various forms have been with us since the dawn of time, the perennial lament from end-users, namely the seafarers, about the incongruity of ship designs with respect to safety, security, practicality, functionality and operability, still goes on today.

  • Human error - a fragile chain of contributing elements

    Human error - a fragile chain of contributing elements

    Harald Fotland,ice President, Gard Services AS

    It is commonly agreed in the shipping industry that close to 80% of accidents are rooted in human error. The trend also indicates that there are fewer accidents caused by technical failure of a piece of equipment, and an increasing number that can be explained by human error.

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