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Nautical Institute HE Alert Microsite

Essentials of Integrated Management Systems

May 2011

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  • Editorial (26)

    Editorial (26)


    Throughout these three series of Alert! bulletins we have written a lot about health, safety and wellbeing, but not so much about environment and quality which, combined, make up the acronym of HSEQ, yet each of these can affect safe operation of a ship and timely delivery of its cargo.

  • The hallmarks of a good HSEQ manager

    The hallmarks of a good HSEQ manager

    Javier Quintero Saavedra, HSEQ Manager, TMGA

    For a company HSEQ policy and management system to succeed it needs to be everyone’s policy and system. If the choice is to have someone at the helm of HSEQ, particularly as the management representative, then that individual needs to be everyone’s HSEQ Manager.

  • Safety culture and the human element

    Safety culture and the human element

    Captain Sarabjit Butalia

    The shipping industry is run by and for people. Human behaviour needs to be managed at all levels, ranging from ordinary seafarers to regulators developing national and international regulations. It is vital for a safe and viable shipping business to effectively manage the human element.

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