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Information management
Information management

Too much information! Too many disparate information management systems?

Sep 2009

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  • Editorial (21)

    Editorial (21)


    Throughout the last 20 issues of Alert!, we have emphasised the importance of the human element to the safe and efficient operation of any ship, not least the need for communication between all stakeholders to ensure that the ship is ‘fit for purpose’.

  • Bridge team command and control Managing the navigational plan

    Bridge team command and control Managing the navigational plan

    Morgan Turrell, Vice President, Marine Investigation Programs, Princess Cruises

    In Princess Cruises we have adopted the concept of the pilot/co-pilot model used in aviation, which establishes Navigator, Co-Navigator, Operations Director and Administrator roles within the bridge team. Simplified and specialized task checklists were developed to recognize these changes.

  • Making information work

    Making information work

    Patrick E Slesinger, Wallem Innovative Solutions Limited

    A radar screen is a good example of making a lot of information understandable. The screen has different indicators to tell a Master what he or she needs to know - what ships are nearby, how far away they are, and the vector to tell them where they’re heading.....

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Information management

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