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Nautical Institute HE Alert Microsite
The maritime orchestra
The maritime orchestra

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Jan 2011

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  • Editorial (25)

    Editorial (25)


    What are the human element knowledge and skills required to ensure the safe conduct of the ship, the safe and timely delivery of its cargo and, the health, safety and wellbeing of the crew?

  • Crew - the operator’s greatest challenge

    Crew - the operator’s greatest challenge

    Dr Michael B Kennedy, Hellespont Steamship Corporation

    The operator’s greatest challenge is to achieve the most possible with those persons who are the ‘face’ of the ship. There are other human element challenges too: Keeping the charterer satisfied, negotiating with and appointing agents, buying or coordinating bunkers...

  • Grappling with leadership skills

    Grappling with leadership skills

    Professor Mike Barnett, Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton Solent University

    Are leaders born or can they be made?
    What are the characteristics of a good leader? What aspects of leadership style does Horatio Nelson share with Nelson Mandela? Are leadership and managerial skills the same? Can you become a good leader by reading a book about it?

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