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Risk management
Risk management

... the role of the human element in the management of risk on board.

Aug 2015

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  • Editorial - Issue 39

    Editorial - Issue 39

    David Squire FNI

    Alert 26 focussed on essentials of an Integrated Management System. Since then there have been a number of amendments to the ISM Code, particularly that "each ship is appropriately manned in order
    to encompass all aspects of maintaining safe operations on board" - and other additional guidelines.

  • Big Data: Harnessing it to improve Risk Management

    Big Data: Harnessing it to improve Risk Management

    Warwick Norman, Chief Executive Officer, RightShip

    The maritime industry – not renowned for its willingness to proactively embrace change - is now seeing both the benefit and necessity of employing big data to enhance commercial opportunities, and also improve the safety and sustainability of the industry and those that work within it.

  • A methodological approach to the management of risk and safety

    A methodological approach to the management of risk and safety

    Nippin Anand, Principal Surveyor, Safety Management Systems Specialist, DNV GL- Maritime

    Organisations exist to make profits: safety is a necessary evil to be overcome in the face of finite resources, limited knowledge, conflicting goal, competition etc. A seafarer could spend all day working a job in accordance with procedures and instructions, OR opt for areasonably acceptable job...

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The human element and human-system aspects of risks

.... in the context of total HSSEQ onboard ship.
HSSEQ - Risks & Hazards:
On ship/Ship - Crew - Off ship/voyage - Environment on/off ship
The Process:
Communicate & consult - Monitor & review

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Health, wellbeing and welfare

... not trivial matters but they are closely connected to the practical matters of keeping ships and people safe and performing efficiently and well.


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