Nautical Institute HE Alert Microsite

Nautical Institute HE Alert Microsite

Surviving the unexpected, the emergencies which raise their ugly heads in so many different guises, is the theme of this issue.

Dec 2014

Featured articles

  • HE01280 - On future ship safety – people, complexity and systems

    HE01280 - On future ship safety – people, complexity and systems

    Vaughan Pomeroy, Southampton Marine & Maritime Institute, UK

    This paper considers the characteristics of risk and the important influences of the human
    element, innovative solutions and complex engineered systems on the future of maritime
    safety. Residual risk remains once all practicable steps have been taken to manage the

  • Editorial


    David Squire, FNI FCMI

    Everyone involved in the design, build and operation of ships has a responsibility for ensuring that accidents do not occur either to the ship or its systems or to the people who are working and living onboard.

  • Crisis at Sea – how to move on

    Crisis at Sea – how to move on

    Connie S Gehrt, Managing Director, Seahealth Denmark

    Crises are a well-known element of the working environment at sea. Life on board entails risks and as a consequence elaborate safety plans and training exercises are often reviewed and rehearsed in order
    to address potential crisis situations.

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Survivability - Resolutions and Circulars and Industry Guides

Firefighting and Damage Control; etc. Livesaving; Personal Survival/Medical; Communications /Search and Rescue; Crisis Management; Security; Training and Drills, & Lessons Learned

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Operability, accessibility & manoeuvrability

A guide to useful design principles of operability which can make the operation of ships safer and easier, reducing the risks of accident.


Health, wellbeing and welfare

... not trivial matters but they are closely connected to the practical matters of keeping ships and people safe and performing efficiently and well.