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  • Editorial (16)

    Editorial (16)

    Issue No - 16 By .

    Some time ago, the United Kingdom's Chief Inspector of Accidents reported that one of his greatest concerns for safety in merchant vessels was complacency. Some suggested that his statement was an affront to the professional mariner, while others conceded that it was a serious issue to be addressed.

    Publish date: 16/09/2013

  • editorial (15)

    editorial (15)

    Issue No - 15 By .

    Ship systems are protected by strict design standards and tolerances, by redundancy - particularly for critical systems - and by feedback processes that will ultimately activate an alarm of some sort, or take corrective action.

    Publish date: 16/09/2013

  • Editorial (14)

    Editorial (14)

    Issue No - 14 By .

    The ability to properly convey information by word of mouth and/or by written communication is important not only to the safety of ships’ crews, visitors and passengers, but also to the wellbeing of crews.

    Publish date: 16/09/2013

  • Editorial (13)

    Editorial (13)

    Issue No - 13 By .

    Almost every accident investigation report these days will cite fatigue as one of the causal features of the accident. Many of these reports are of ship groundings or collisions due to the inattention of a 'fatigued' officer of the watch, because he was suffering from a lack of sleep...

    Publish date: 15/09/2013

  • Editorial (12)

    Editorial (12)

    Issue No - 12 By .

    It makes sense that a ship should be designed and built with the user and the operational task in mind, taking into account the environmental conditions that it is likely to encounter during its working life.

    Publish date: 15/09/2013