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Nautical Institute HE Alert Microsite

Investing in quality - investing in people

Oct 2004

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  • Investing in people

    Investing in people


    Quality is often defined in the context of the relationship between the customer and the supplier; it is a measurement of how a product or service meets, or exceeds, a customer’s expectations.

  • Quality, Safety and Security - trust and mistrust

    Quality, Safety and Security - trust and mistrust

    Captain Ajay Achuthan

    Legislation must have a structured way of creeping up into the human body, mind and soul. If not, it leaves behind scars caused by the implementation process. Even though it is intended towards sustainable development of the human being and our environment, it also seems to cause stress & conflict.

  • Building the company culture

    Building the company culture

    Captain Pradeep Chawla, FNI Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd

    Creating a good company culture goes beyond compliance with regulations. It goes well beyond looking for the last dollar in profits. It requires a company vision of keeping the goals of each individual at a higher priority than the sole pursuit of profits.

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Mind, body and spirit

Ships need good, qualified, motivated people to operate well.


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Competent people make the difference